6 Benefits to Take Your Baby With You While Heading Out


When you have a baby your world changes forever. There will be a number of firsts that you won't want to miss. Keeping your baby beside you at all times can be instinctual. It's natural to want to spend time with your new child.

When you go outside you might wonder if it's best to take your baby with you, or if it would be safer to leave them with a responsible adult, or family member, at home. This can be a tough decision to make, but there are a lot of advantages to taking your baby with you.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Baby Near You When Going Out of Home

  1. You will know where your baby is and that your baby is safe. This can reduce your worry because you can see your baby and not have to wonder about what ifs.
  2. You can take the pram and put the baby in it. He or she will probably sleep most of the time, but will also be warm and safe in the pram.
  3. You and your child will be getting some fresh air.
  4. You and your child need vitamin D which is easy to absorb from the sun. It doesn't penetrate through glass so you need to go outside to both benefit from this. Your baby needs this for the healthy development of it's bones and you need it too. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, If you are low in calcium this can have a negative effect on your bones, teeth and other parts of your health.
  5. You will probably get some attention from other people outside. Other people will think your baby is cute and want to have a closer look. This might be other mothers in the area and you can make new friends.
  6. Taking your baby with you also gives you more bonding opportunities. You can develop a closer relationship with your child and you don't have to be stuck inside.

Other Things to Think About

Of course, there may be problems or adjustments needed to take your infant with you. It will be a different experience than from going alone. It will depend on where you are going and how you plan to get there.

If you are going to the park and it's within walking distance, this can be very easy even with a pram. On the other hand, if you are going shopping this can be more difficult with a pram and may annoy other shoppers. In this case you may use baby carriers. This way, your baby can enjoy shopping with you :) You can have a look at the best baby carriers at Katherine's site and read reviews

This is natural for every parent to experience and will take practice to adjust, but is well worth it.

Benefits fo Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

Games for Kids


The debate of outdoor games being better than indoor ones and vice versa is never going to stop. Earlier, kids preferred playing outdoors. However, with the introduction of technology, many of the kids like playing indoor, sometimes with the friends and other times alone. While parents are worried of their kids becoming couch potatoes, the kids are happy slouching on the sofa for a good game on the television. The basic thing here is that games should be played by the kids, whether outdoor or indoor. This is because all work and no play are not good for the health of kids. Here, indoor and outdoor games have been tested on various parameters.

Things to be Considered

There are various things that need to be kept in mind before adjudging outdoor better than indoor games or vice versa. Nothing in excess is better. While some kids do not like staying at home, others are at home for the rest of the day after returning from school. It is the onus of the parents to help them maintain a balance. If the kids play outdoors all day long, they will not be able to develop a bond with their sibling, parents, grandparents or relatives, which is very necessary. On the other hand, if the kids do not opt for outdoor playing, they will miss out on being active and gregarious.

Benefits of Playing Outdoors

There are many advantages of child playing outdoors. The kid learns on different levels while embarking on adventures when outdoors. There are not only physical benefits but mental as well. The kid opens up to others in the neighborhood and learns new skills, languages and things with them. She learns to explore different things and even discovers various types of people, personalities and behavior. The brain of the kids develops at a better rate when they play outdoors. They become good learners, perform well in school and become better personalities.

Advantages of Playing Indoors

When kids play indoors, they learn quite a few things that they are not able to do outdoors. When kids play at their own homes, they learn to welcome other kids to play with them. At the same time, they learn how to include siblings in such games and make them familiar with one’s friends. On the other hand, if they visit others’ place, they learn how to be courteous to others and be good guests. When kids learn to play indoors, they are not stranded and irritated if they are not able to play outside due to rains or other reasons.

Different Types of Games

Kids who venture out to play can try their hand on different types of ball games, riding kids electric scooter with the friends, take a walk around the park, skate, explore the beaches in the vicinity or play hide and seek and other such games. Indoor games that are a favorite among kids are making a den, art and craft activities, soft ball, carom board, monopoly and others. The new age kids have been engaged even in video games.


Both indoor and outdoor games develop different skills of the kids. Parents should make sure that their kids are exposed to both sides of the world to make them better personalities.

Double Strollers: A Definitive Buying Guide

Double Stroller Buying Guide

Choosing an appropriate stroller for your baby should not be a as tedious task as buying a wedding dress for yourself. But it can be challenging at times. Couples who are yet to plan a family won’t understand this dilemma.

If you are hunting for an appropriate double stroller for your kids, I can correlate your situation to mine as I too searched for few weeks before I could finally purchase the right one. I put in all my research work, searched various double stroller websites online, compared stuff online and also went from store to store so that I could actually view some models physically. Considering it as an expensive product, I was looking for stuff with great endurance and long lasting quality. 

After weeks of thorough research, I shortlisted some basic features which were of utmost importance to me and finally bought a Double Stroller. This brought an end to my stroller search journey.

Being highly experienced thorough my stroller search journey, I would like to familiarize you with the various types of double strollers available in the market so that you are able to shortlist your search before buying the right double stroller for your kids.

Tandem Strollers

Tandem strollers are basically back to back strollers with one seat in front of the other. Tandem strollers are less in width and more in length. When in motion, they allow easy passage through narrow store aisles as compared to the side by side double strollers. However, children miss the comfort of sitting beside each other in tandem stroller.

Side by Side Double Strollers

The disadvantage of one is the advantage of other and vice versa. Side by side strollers let children enjoy the comfort of sitting next to each other during motion. However, these double strollers are comparatively wider than tandem or back to back stroller and can be difficult to drive at times during narrow or small spaces.

Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and Stand strollers allow children to switch between standing and sitting positions. They are double strollers where the younger child can sit and the older one who now does not want to ride a stroller can stand. However, these strollers also allow both the children to be seated and buckled also. Sit and stand strollers are the most flexible ones available in the market and come with multiple accessories coupled with additional seating arrangements.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging double strollers come in both tandem and side by side models. Jogging strollers have 3 large wheels, 2 at the back and a single front wheel which allows for a smoother ride for your kids and an ease of pushing. This design of jogging strollers makes it conducive for mothers who wish to stay fit and stay in-shape.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers derive its name from the light shade which is fitted at the top of this double stroller to protect the children from sun or rain. These strollers are light in weight and very easy to handle. However these double strollers are basic models which are less likely to impress you as a buyer.

The type of double strollers you wish to purchase may ultimately be determined by a combination of all the features including the style you choose for the double stroller, the budget you have, the brand you wish to go for and the amount of space you wish to have in the stroller for your kids.

How To Set Up Infant's Room

How To Set Up Infants Room

An infant’s room should be a place which guarantees the safety and comfort of your baby at all times. It should be a place whereby your infant can play, relax, sleep and move with a lot of ease. When setting up the room for your infant, there are various aspects you will need to put into consideration. There are tips which will aid you on how to setup an infant's room.

First, you will have to consider the age of your child. Different babies will require different room setups depending on their age. The room for a six month old baby cannot be the same as the one for a two year old. Different age groups have different specific needs and hence their room setups might be different. Also, you will have to consider the specific needs of your child. For instance, does your child require some special needs or any specialized attention, this will help you determine on how well you can set up an infant’s room for those with special needs.

The following tips can be considered when setting up, your infant’s room:


Before you proceed with the set up make sure you have all you will need in the infant’s room. Safety of the baby comes first; therefore make sure that the room is secure for the baby whether you are with him or when he is alone. Make sure that any electrical lines are well covered and insulated to protect your toddler from the risk of electrical shocks. If the room has storage cabinets make sure that they all have locks which the infant cannot open.

The room must have smooth surfaces, especially if the infant is a crawling one, this will protect him from any harm that might be caused by rough floors. The edges around the room must not be sharp to prevent the baby from being cut while moving and playing within the room. The cabinets must be tall enough to prevent the baby from climbing up them; however they must be kept stable enough.

The essence a Baby Monitor

Ensure that the room is well lit and if possible install a baby monitoring devices inside the room. Baby monitors will help you keep track of your baby while you are away from his room. The monitors also enhance on the security and safety of your baby. While considering it, do not compsomise on quality; only go for the reputed and best baby monitor.


If the room is filled with storage cabinets, then it must create enough space for the movement and play of the child. Do not keep your baby in a tiny or crowded room, ensure that the room is more spacious and any furniture inside it is well arranged and positioned.

If possible have a separate space for playing, one for sleeping and one for changing the baby diapers.


After safety, the comfort of your baby comes next. When setting up the infant’s rooms always ensure that the things you use from the furniture, beddings, lighting and any other material will provide the desired comfort to the infant.

Avoid the use of materials with rough surfaces or bodies, but rather use soft materials which will cause no harm to the little baby.


The health of the baby is every mothers concern. When thinking on how to set up an infant's room, just think of a room which will pose no health risks to your baby. The room must be well ventilated, must have a functioning heating and cooling system. This will aid in the management of room temperatures s at all times.

The room must have clean tap water and must be a room that can be easily cleaned. The walls must be well painted with baby friendly colors which do not pick up dust and dirt easily.

The materials and baby toys in the room should be ones which can be easily washable when they get dirty. Have separate containers or storage facilities for clean and dirty baby toys as well as baby line. To maintain good hygiene within the room place a soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser at the entrance, this will ensure that anyone who comes inside the room washes his hands before carrying the baby to minimize the spread of germs.

The above tips on how to set up an infant’s room will help you create a safe and secure haven for your little one. It will enable you to create a nice room for your baby’s playing, sleeping and relaxing.

Things in My Wish List

My Wish List

I am really excited about my pregnancy and have exhausted myself reading pregnancy books, child proofing guides, searching internet and speaking to my friends who have recently become mommies. I wish to spend the remaining months in the same way as I am enjoying this experience. But at the same time, I am preparing my wish list in which I have been jotting down stuff which I wish to buy for my newly born baby. The stuff mentioned in this wish list has been shortlisted after ample research work and the list is still in progress. The things which I have already shortlisted in my wish list are a must have for all would be moms including myself.

Here, I am discussing a few things which have already been included in my wish list.

Convertible Car Seats

Its time you should opt for one, as these are the best things to have if you wish to take your baby along with you occasionally (You obviously have too, at least to some places). Convertible car seats offer you two features; it can accommodate an infant weighing approx 5lbs to 35lbs, a rear facing seat, while for a toddler weighing more than 40lbs, the seat can be converted into a forward facing one. Convertible car seats are available in various models and sizes so it is best to do a full research prior to making a purchase. Depending upon your car model and the size of your baby, you can buy a infant-only car seat as well. For the safety of reasons, take a wise decision, do not compromise on quality and choose the best convertible car seat for your baby.

Baby Strollers

Baby strollers are a must have for all would be moms as this is just like a first vehicle which you are going to buy for your baby. You are ought to get tired if you carry your  baby in your arms throughout the day so if you wish to go shopping or any other place and want to take your baby along, baby strollers are your best friends. Baby strollers come equipped with various features and are available in various models in the market. If this is your second time being a mom, you should go for double strollers. Double strollers again come in various styles including tandem strollers, side-by-side double strollers, sit and stand strollers, jogging strollers, umbrella strollers and many more. Each one has its own pros and cons. If you are a new would be mom and you plan to have another baby, double strollers are again a great option as it can accommodate both the babies in the same stroller allowing you to take care of both of them at the same time. But this is definitely a must have stuff.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are again very useful products as they help you keep a watch on the baby movements and sounds. Baby monitor is basically a radio system which consists of a portable camera placed at the baby’s location and a receiver monitor which can either be your own phone or a display device such as an LCD. You can monitor your baby sitting at any place at your home or outside it, while the baby is in his room sleeping. No need to worry anymore, keep a watch on the baby’s movements or any sounds uttered by him while you enjoy watching your favorite show on television or relaxing back in your room. Technology has made everything possible and this is the best blessing a mom could get.

3 Best Gifts for Men

3 Best Gifts for Men

Some of the best gifts for men are hard to find, especially if you are planning to gift him something keeping in mind his choice and his nature. Be it his birthday, your wedding anniversary, or a simple “I LOVE YOU” occasion, it can be very challenging sometimes to find a gift for the special one in your life.

Whether you are purchasing a gift for a man or creating your own wish list, it’s never a bad idea to have a look at the options available under best gifts for men.

Every man is different from another in his style, attitude, passion and personality. First thing which you should be aware of is his likes and dislikes. You would not want to end up giving an undesirable or unwelcomed gift to a man you adore the most in life. Men are different so you need to know which gift could make him feel as if you a great understanding of his obsession.

Here are some examples of gifts which you may want to have a look at before buying that really special gift for the man in your life.

  1. If he is crazy over music and has various music playing gadgets which he often carries along, a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones is the best gift you would want to gift him. Noise cancelling headphones reduce unwanted external sounds and make it possible for the listener to enjoy only and only music without actually raising its volume. It makes use of active noise control engineering to achieve its purpose of pure music and nothing else. Depending upon the model you choose, you can either go for the classy closed ear headphones which have a cup like shape covering the complete ear or can go for the trendy in-ear headphones which fit itself inside the ear and lets you enjoy each and every bit of your music to the core.
  2. If your man is never on time or may be too punctual and needs to loosen up, a watch is a perfect gift for him. Some men are obsessed with watches and love to be gifted one whereas others who used to wear a watch only to view time don’t wear it anymore as many electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, notepads etc which they carry along with them also have inbuilt clocks which show time. So if you are lucky that he has a passion of watches, you have found the right gift for him. If you have not known about his passions so far, make sure to confirm the same in a light and distracting conversational manner before you go and buy anything for him.
  3. A holiday trip to his favorite location is another surprise gift which you may wish to gift him on a special occasion. Men like travelling a lot and in such a busy hectic work life, there could not be a better gift than a vacation to a holiday destination over the weekend. Book your tickets well in advance, make sure to check with his work schedules prior to booking tickets. Pack his bags a day prior to the journey, surprise him by showing him the tickets and let him know your plans for the coming weekend. Spend alone time with him and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Make sure to choose a destination not too far from your state so that you spend more time with him holidaying rather than travelling.
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