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Benefits fo Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

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Games for Kids


The debate of outdoor games being better than indoor ones and vice versa is never going to stop. Earlier, kids preferred playing outdoors. However, with the introduction of technology, many of the kids like playing indoor, sometimes with the friends and other times alone. While parents are worried of their kids becoming couch potatoes, the kids are happy slouching on the sofa for a good game on the television. The basic thing here is that games should be played by the kids, whether outdoor or indoor. This is because all work and no play are not good for the health of kids. Here, indoor and outdoor games have been tested on various parameters.

Things to be Considered

There are various things that need to be kept in mind before adjudging outdoor better than indoor games or vice versa. Nothing in excess is better. While some kids do not like staying at home, others are at home for the rest of the day after returning from school. It is the onus of the parents to help them maintain a balance. If the kids play outdoors all day long, they will not be able to develop a bond with their sibling, parents, grandparents or relatives, which is very necessary. On the other hand, if the kids do not opt for outdoor playing, they will miss out on being active and gregarious.

Benefits of Playing Outdoors

There are many advantages of child playing outdoors. The kid learns on different levels while embarking on adventures when outdoors. There are not only physical benefits but mental as well. The kid opens up to others in the neighborhood and learns new skills, languages and things with them. She learns to explore different things and even discovers various types of people, personalities and behavior. The brain of the kids develops at a better rate when they play outdoors. They become good learners, perform well in school and become better personalities.

Advantages of Playing Indoors

When kids play indoors, they learn quite a few things that they are not able to do outdoors. When kids play at their own homes, they learn to welcome other kids to play with them. At the same time, they learn how to include siblings in such games and make them familiar with one’s friends. On the other hand, if they visit others’ place, they learn how to be courteous to others and be good guests. When kids learn to play indoors, they are not stranded and irritated if they are not able to play outside due to rains or other reasons.

Different Types of Games

Kids who venture out to play can try their hand on different types of ball games, riding kids electric scooter with the friends, take a walk around the park, skate, explore the beaches in the vicinity or play hide and seek and other such games. Indoor games that are a favorite among kids are making a den, art and craft activities, soft ball, carom board, monopoly and others. The new age kids have been engaged even in video games.


Both indoor and outdoor games develop different skills of the kids. Parents should make sure that their kids are exposed to both sides of the world to make them better personalities.